Yamaha HS7 Active Studio Monitor Review

yamaha hs7 active studio monitor review

This Yamaha HS7 Active Studio Monitor review aims to introduce to you one of the industry’s most popular studio monitors.

Offering impressive accuracy and flattering sounds, it’s no surprise that the HS7 set the bar high for its competitors.

Regardless if you’re a pro or just someone looking to upgrade a home audio system, this unit has got you covered.

Yamaha HS7 Active Studio Monitor Review

Yamaha HS7 Active Studio Monitor Review 1

This studio monitor contains state-of-the-art technologies to help bring a new level of sound to your setup.

With its unique engineering, it is able to deliver not only an impressive bass but also a fantastic treble.

During the manufacturing process, every component is thoroughly analyzed and optimized to offer superior performance.

With that said, you’ll find that the Yamaha HS7 Active Studio Monitor is a massive upgrade from older monitor styles.

Its sound quality falls well above industry average while also maximizing power in a small six-inch package.

Moreover, it’s designed to work well in various environments, including acoustic and soundproofed rooms.

While it’s not as new of a release as the HS8 or HS8I, it has some higher-end components you’d love taking advantage of.

With features such as Room Control, dedicated XLR, and TRS inputs, and two-way bass-reflex, there’s no doubt you’ll get hours of enjoyment from it.

There’s nothing quite like listening to music how it was created to be digested, and you can rely on this studio monitor to make that happen.

Who Is This Studio Monitor Meant For?

There’s a common misconception that studio monitors are only for professional sound engineers and producers.

The Yamaha HS7 Active Studio Monitor transcends the gap between pro and casual music enthusiasts.

Indeed, it has the components needed for a studio, but it also doesn’t lack user-friendly features.

As a casual music listener, you deserve to hear your favorite songs in their best quality.

Studio monitors can help by offering a diverse frequency response paired with customizable controls.

You can optimize the sound of every track for any room, making your listening experience more immersive.

What’s Included?

It’s important to note that the Yamaha HS7 Active Studio Monitor comes with very few accessories.

Like the other HS Series monitors, it will arrive complete with mounting equipment.

Also, it comes with a power cord and an owner’s manual to help you with the setup.

The mounting equipment is essential if you intend to install the monitors up on the wall.

In the kit, you’ll receive a baton bracket, ceiling bracket, wall bracket, and a combination wall/ceiling bracket.

Additionally, there are two screws to help you position the bracket on the wall.

Depending on the setup you intend to follow, you will be required to purchase the connector cables separately.

For the Yamaha HS7 Active Studio Monitor, some standard connectable cables include:

Overview of the Features

The HS7 has a sleek, modern style available in either black or the retro 1970s white finish.

You’ll easily be able to fit them into the aesthetic of your office, living room, or even your bedroom.

Not to mention, their compact 6.5-inch casing is ideal for small desks.

Here are more impressive features we’re sure you will enjoy having:

  • Advanced Transducers

There’s a remarkable set of features built into these monitors that you will appreciate.

One of the most welcomed technology is its advanced transducers.

You’ll notice a significantly smoother response over a more comprehensive bandwidth range for any song.

The advanced transducers take advantage of an innovative magnetic field that helps regulate each tracks’ magnetic response.

Through this process, sonic transitions will become more precise and more seamless.

  • Intuitive Tweeter

Thanks to the integrated tweeter, the Yamaha HS7 Active Studio Monitor features a frequency range of 43Hz to 30kHz.

It is a newly designed component of the monitor, and with it, you’ll experience a significantly better high-res sound.

Every song you listen to will have minimal vibration so that you can have distortion-free listening up to 30kHz.

  • Ultra-Responsive Woofer

Another fantastic upgrade in this monitor is the responsive woofer.

Inside the woofer, curated magnets produce the most impressive low end regardless of output.

You’ll also notice that this feature significantly improves distortion for clearer audio tracks.

  • Bi-Amp Design

One concept that is unique to the Yamaha HS7 Active Studio Monitor is its bi-amp design.

Made to match the transducers perfectly, the speakers provide a dedicated amp for the tweeter and the woofer.

With this, the speaker consistently delivers the highest resolution possible while offering a flat response.

  • Intuitive Cabinet Design

When it comes to woofers, monitors, and speakers, you would be surprised at how crucial cabinet design is.

The Yamaha HS7 Active Studio Monitor has a phenomenally crafted cabinet that helps reduce vibrations.

In the corners, you’ll find a three-way mitered-joint construction.

This design choice helps ensure that annoying resonance is eliminated, which can affect sound quality.

Also, most of the cabinet is MDF, making it lightweight yet rugged enough for everyday use.

When it comes to acoustic response, you’ll find the MDF density helps deliver clearer audio. This feature is significant for reference monitors.

Another massive advantage of its overall design is that it looks aesthetically pleasing compared to other monitors.

  • Connectivity and Controls

As mentioned, the Yamaha HS7 Active Studio Monitor is user-friendly.

Even so, you will find that it doesn’t lack any of the features that professional sound producers need.

You’d be able to use numerous controls, such as Room Control, High Trim, Low Cut, Phase, and Level.

Plus, you’ll find an assortment of connectivity options, making it easy to fit these studio monitors into your setup.

Users will be able to opt between XLR and TRS phone jacks.

As such, it’ll be easy to connect the monitor to full-range speakers, keyboards, mixers, and other audio interfaces.

  • Noise Reduction

Less expensive studio monitors tend to have an interior vortex that can create air vibrations.

These air vibrations can affect the quality of your listening experience, which is why noise reduction is essential.

The Yamaha HS7 Active Studio Monitor has a unique speaker port design to prevent this issue from happening.

  • Room Control

The Room Control setting on this studio monitor is a significant upgrade.

Using this setting, you can quickly adjust the low-frequency response, allowing you to compensate for different listening environments.

With Room Control, users manage the low-frequency response that leads to reflections in your audio.

You’ll be able to adjust the frequency between 2dB and -4dB.


  • Incredible high- and low-end response
  • Clear and accurate listening
  • Excellent controls for untreated rooms
  • Convenient connectivity options


  • Requires a subwoofer for bass
  • Best in soundproof environments

How To Use the Yamaha HS7 Active Studio Monitor

The setup instructions for the Yamaha HS7 Active Studio Monitor will differ depending on what you decide to connect it to.

Fortunately, the monitor has clearly labeled connections on the rear for audio interfaces, mixers, synths, and other electronic musical instruments.

There are also step-by-step instructions in the owner’s manual for creating an entire sound system.

The Yamaha HS7 Active Studio Monitor performs best when positioning your speakers approximately 1.5 meters away from walls.

You can also use the Room Control function to compensate for excessive bass in your tracks so that you can achieve more natural sounds.

We recommend making sure that your monitors are positioned symmetrically at equal distances.

Another essential step to setting them up is to find the ideal listening position.

To help you out, imagine the soundwaves coming from each monitor in a triangular shape.

Ideally, you’ll want to sit at the apex of the triangle for the most balanced listening experience.

Finally, when mounting or placing your monitors on your desk, ensure they are at ear height.

Interestingly, high frequencies are incredibly directional, so the tweeters need to be at ear height when you’re seated.


Yamaha HS7 Active Studio Monitor Review 2

The Yamaha HS7 Active Studio Monitor packs a powerful punch, but there are many more alternatives to consider.

One of our top choices is the Behringer Truth B1030a Studio Monitors.

Here are some of the most impressive features that these monitors offer:

  • Sound Production

The sound coming from these monitors is one of their best features.

For this, the Behringer Truth B1030a has a one-inch silk dome tweeter that offers clear and accurate listening.

  • Kevlar Cone

With an incredible build quality, you’ll find the cone in this monitor is crafted from Kevlar.

It can offer an incredibly high bass response for all genres while adding resilience and rigidity to the unit.

  • Improved Sweet Spot

It’s essential to find the ideal positioning for your audio equipment to find your sweet spot.

With the waveguide technology in this unit, your sweet spot will be larger.

Basically, regardless of where you’re sitting, you’ll hear even the subtlest details in your favorite songs.

  • Distortion-Free Listening

Another huge benefit of using Kevlar when making studio monitors is how it works with bass.

Regardless of how bass-y a track is, you’ll find that the monitor has little to no vibration and distortion.

  • Versatility

Like the Yamaha HS7, this monitor is incredibly versatile.

Its easy-to-use controls make it iconic for professionals while still being easy to use at home.

Also, the customizable settings take it to the next level when tailoring sound quality.

Is the Yamaha HS7 Active Studio Monitor Any Good?

One key feature we learned in this Yamaha HS7 Active Studio Monitor review is it’s one of the top options on the market.

With an improved listening experience, you’ll notice unique details in your favorite song that you never knew existed.

Also, it has an assortment of customizable features, making it great for any listening environment.

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