10 of the Easiest Instruments to Learn

10 Of The Easiest Instruments To Learn

Everyone loves music in some way or the other.

Some appreciate music by listening to their favorite songs on repeat, some hum along to their favorite tunes, and others go on to learn a musical instrument so they can create music themselves.

Many people mistakenly believe that learning an instrument is something you can only do at a very young age.

In fact, there are so many people who love music and are very interested in learning a new instrument but are dissuaded from this owing to the fact that they believe it might be nearly impossible to learn at such a late stage in their lives.

The truth is that it is never too late to learn a musical instrument. In fact, learning a musical instrument as an adult has many advantages.

Perhaps the most obvious of these advantages is that any adult is far more likely to be motivated, driven and focused towards learning a new skill set, rather than a child who is only being forced by their parents to learn a musical instrument.

There are other advantages to learning a musical instrument as an adult.

For many, it simply feeds their love for music. For others, it can even be a stress-buster or a form of meditation.

It can even be a way to express yourself. In fact, this is one of the reasons so many people begin to play instruments.

Other reasons for picking up an instrument can be simply to entertain yourself or others, or even as a way of earning some easy money.

With the right guidance, assistance, and motivation, any adult can pretty easily learn a musical instrument.

If you have decided to learn a musical instrument, there are many options you can choose from. Even within instruments, some instruments are far easier to learn than others.

Here are the top 10 most popular and easiest instruments you can learn, even as an adult.



The piano is a classic musical instrument that has been loved for generations.

This very popular instrument first came into being in the early 18th century.  Even today, the charm that the piano holds is unlike any other.

Many people believe that the piano is pretty complicated to learn.

This is because you have to coordinate both, and this seems pretty daunting a task. In reality, however, the piano is, in fact, one of the easiest instruments to learn, especially for adults.

What makes the piano so easy to learn is that all of the notes are laid out in front of you and this makes it far easier to understand than other musical instruments.

In fact, the best thing about the piano is that even if you do end up playing the wrong notes, you can never really play completely out of tune as you would with other instruments.

Another reason to choose the piano as the musical instrument to learn is that because of how popular it is, there is a great deal of learning material you can choose from.

No matter your age, learning to play the piano can teach you how to focus and concentrate while enhancing your motor skills considerably.



Electronic Keyboards, also known as an electronic piano, is one of the most versatile of musical instruments, which makes it one of the best options for beginners.

It is also pretty low maintenance and relatively inexpensive, and therefore, a decent option for kids and adults alike.

In fact, this is one of the most popular instruments anyone ever bothers to learn. 

Just as with the piano, here too, all of the notes are laid out in front of you and so this instrument is relatively easy to learn, as compared to other instruments.

Additionally, unlike the piano, learning to play the keyboard doesn’t require the use of feet so you can avoid the hand-eye-foot coordination that is typically required of piano players. 

Electronic keyboards are popular amongst children, teenagers, and even adults who are interested in learning a musical instrument.  

The sound produced by a keyboard is similar to that produced by a piano, but the difference is that unlike a piano, here the sound is produced electronically.

The keyboard also has an added advantage of being portable so you can carry it with you in case you want to practice consistently.

Electronic keyboards are typically designed for beginner level players, particularly those who are learning to play the instrument in their own homes.

There are many benefits to learning the keyboard, as there are with all other instruments.

As with learning all musical instruments, learning to play the keyboard has the same benefits as learning to play the piano.

Learning to play the keyboard can help you develop focus. Increase your concentration, improve your memory and even teach you mindfulness.

You will also of course benefit from the new skillset that you are learning.



Harmonica also referred to as the “Blues Harp” is another great choice of musical instrument, especially for an adult beginner.

The best thing about the harmonica is that you don’t require too much prior knowledge before learning to play this instrument.

Additionally, it’s pretty difficult to sound ‘bad’ on a harmonica. Even if you aren’t exactly on key, the chances of you sounding terrible are pretty minimal.

Another great thing about the harmonica is that it is portable and thus easy to carry around.

This is particularly useful when you are a beginner trying to learn a new instrument. You can easily carry it around with you everywhere you go and practice it.



There are many reasons why the ukulele is one of the easiest instruments you can learn.

For starters, the ukulele is relatively inexpensive. Moreover, it is one of those instruments that are incredibly fun to play!

 The ukulele comprises just four nylon strings. All you have to do is pick up a few uncomplicated chords, and you will be able to play some of your favorite songs and tunes in no time at all!

Moreover, the ukulele is a great foundation instrument, if you ever hope to learn to play the guitar. Top of Form



The flute is a musical instrument that produces its sound from air flowing across an opening in the instrument. 

The sound pitch changes as the player of the instrument opens or closes the many holes in the body of the instrument.

Flutes are a pretty common instrument for beginners because they are relatively easy to learn and play, compared to other instruments.

Flutes for beginners are typically made from silver-plated brass or nickel. Meanwhile, professionals tend to use silver, real gold, or even platinum flutes.

The flute is a woodwind instrument, that is, it produces sound owing to the air flowing within the instrument.

Woodwind instruments are typically far easier to learn, as compared to string instruments, such as the guitar, or even compared to the keyboard.

This is because it is easy to progress quickly on a flute. In fact, if you have a decent teacher, or with a little help, you can learn up to three full notes in your very first lesson!

The flute is a great instrument to begin learning music with. It is versatile, and this versatility is a huge advantage for any beginner.

Playing the flute can help you relax, can improve your coordination, and self-discipline, and can increase your concentration levels.



This is often considered an easy alternative to the flute. It is also cheaper than the flute, so if you are a beginner, investing in one of these is a smart idea.

This instrument is also relatively easy. You don’t need too great a teacher to help you coordinate your breath, tongue, and fingers.

It’s something you should be able to easily manage on your own.



This musical instrument is perfect for all those who love salsa. It is an instrument that first originated somewhere in Cuba.

This instrument is great for beginners because it consists of only two conjoined drums. It is therefore much simpler to learn than a full drum set but offers a similar percussive experience.

In fact, once you master the Bongos, you can move to other types of full-fledged drum sets and even other percussion instruments.



This is an instrument that is often taught even at an elementary level because it is one of the easiest instruments you can learn.

This instrument somewhat resembles a xylophone, instead of wooden bars however, it has bars that are made of metal. These bars produce a bright and cheerful sound.

This instrument is easy to learn and play and to get in touch with the inner child in all of us.



If you have decided to learn a musical instrument as an adult, the bass may be a smart instrument to go for.

Unlike a guitar where there are often many different parts layered on a recording, a bass comprises of only one bass line.

As a result, not only is the bass a relatively easy instrument to pick up as an adult, it is also one of the most fun instruments you can play.

Usually, if you are enjoying yourself a whole lot while playing an instrument, you don’t keep thinking about how difficult it is.

Because the bass is so enjoyable to play, it is also a great option to go for, especially if you are thinking of picking up a musical instrument as an adult.



While the guitar is certainly not one of the easiest instruments you can pick up as an adult, it is still one of the most common instruments that people tend to opt for once they decide to learn a musical instrument.

Learning to play the guitar isn’t at all impossible. It does, however, require a certain degree of motivation and persistence.

Your fingers might hurt a lot the first few days, and you may seem to be getting nothing right, but the key is to not give up and to keep practicing!

This was our list of some of the easiest instruments that you can learn at any age.

If you feel like we are missing out on any important instruments from this list, feel free to leave a comment below.

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