Best Studio Monitors With Bass in 2022: Complete Reviews With Comparisons

best studio monitors with bass

As a music producer, the best studio monitors with bass can bring your setup to the next level.

From EDM to hip-hop, the bass is clearly one of the most important concepts in any genre, and without it, tracks will sound flat.

To get the most accurate representation of the songs you put together, high-quality monitors are essential.

We’ve found five of the most impressively designed studio monitors with exceptional bass for you to consider.

Let’s get into some of the fantastic features each set offers to help bring a unique soundscape to your studio.

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    Best Studio Monitors With Bass Reviews

    1. KRK Classic 5 Powered Studio Monitor

    Best Studio Monitors With Bass in 2022: Complete Reviews With Comparisons 1

    The KRK Classic 5 Powered Studio Monitor is a fabulous solution for producers and artists looking for versatility.

    These monitors are designed for an assortment of genres, offering better sound quality than ever.

    Also, with their minimalistic design, they are easy to fit into any studio environment.


    There are several great features that these monitors bring to the table.

    To help you figure out if this is the right choice for you, here are the highlights of the KRK Classic 5 Powered Studio Monitor:

    • Mixing Accuracy

    One of the essential things for producers to consider is the accuracy of their music.

    You’ll want every track to sound authentic and clean when played through your monitors.

    This set features flat low-frequency adjustments to help create that level of sound quality.

    With these adjustments, you can achieve listening accuracy in an assortment of environments.

    This feature is vital if you’re a mobile producer working in acoustic and soundproofed settings.

    After your first use, you’ll find that your mixes translate significantly better than with lower-quality monitors.

    • Lightweight Design

    Having lightweight gear is another essential feature that mobile producers need to consider.

    These monitors are crafted using top-tier glass-aramid composite.

    You’ll find that these materials improve the midrange in your tracks, bringing a new level of clarity you’ve likely never experienced before.

    • Smooth and Articulate Highs

    Listening to songs from any genre will be a new experience with the KRK Classic 5 Powered Studio Monitor.

    Adding this to your setup will allow you access to an optimized waveguide and a soft-dome tweeter.

    Both work together to articulate the highs in music up to 35kHz as well as smoothen your tracks.

    • Low-End Extension

    One of the more unique features of this set is its improved low-end extension.

    For instance, you will have the ability to turn on the +2dB KRK bass boost setting.

    When looking for the heaviest hitting punchy bass possible, this setting will surely blow you away.

    • Multiple Input Connections

    These monitors are some of the most versatile on the market.

    They have several input connections, making them easy to configure for your specific setup.

    Also, with the innovative coupling, positioning them anywhere in your studio will give you a new listening experience.


    • Perfect for dance and house music
    • Great mids and clear highs
    • Impressive bass for their size
    • Great for small desks


    • Automatically turn off without audio input
    • Volume settings could be improved

    2. Yamaha HS5 Powered Studio Monitors

    Best Studio Monitors With Bass in 2022: Complete Reviews With Comparisons 2

    When looking for studio monitors, Yamaha is a brand that every producer and artist should consider.

    Coming from a trusted brand, there’s no doubt that the Yamaha HS5 Powered Studio Monitors will be a fabulous addition to your setup.

    They have a compact five-inch design, so they will easily fit into your studio for an enhanced listening experience.


    Here are the top features of the Yamaha HS5 Powered Studio Monitors so that you can decide if they are worth the hype:

    • Sleek and Stylish

    At first glance, it’s easy to see why these studio monitors are as popular as they are.

    They have a sleek and modern exterior, making them effortless to fit into the aesthetic of any office or studio.

    You’ll love the deep black casing with silver accents that bring the entire set together.

    • Improved Transducers

    A significant improvement to these monitors has been the quality of their transducers.

    When listening, you’ll notice a smoother response over a more extensive bandwidth range.

    Essentially, these monitors offer natural sonic transitions using advanced magnetic fields.

    • Newly Designed Tweeter and Woofer

    Other features you’ll find significantly improved in these monitors are the tweeter and woofer.

    The one-inch dome tweeter helps extend the frequency range to high-res sound.

    Also, there is reduced vibration with distortion-free tracks and a high frequency response up to 54 kHz.

    As for the woofer, it’s incredibly responsive and has curated magnets to accommodate low-distortion tracks.

    At any output level, you’ll notice better bottom ends.

    • Bi-Amp Design

    If you’re looking to upgrade your existing monitors, this set is one of the top options to consider.

    The high-performance amp unit is especially remarkable.

    There’s a separate amp for the tweeter and woofer, offering the highest-resolution sound possible.

    • Low-Resonance Enclosure

    The build quality of your monitors says a lot about their longevity and listening quality.

    With these Yamaha monitors, you’ll have a specially designed low-resonance enclosure that decreases resonance and vibrations.

    Your sound reproduction capabilities will drastically improve thanks to the dampened acoustic response and resilient MDF.

    • Noise Reduction Technology

    Adding innovative tech into monitors is an effective technique that manufacturers do to create top-of-the-line products.

    With the Yamaha HS5 Powered Studio Monitors, you’d be able to take advantage of noise reduction technology.

    Using unique engineering, you can enjoy a noise reduction level of up to 6dB.

    • Detailed Settings

    Customization has never been simpler than with these monitors, making them an excellent solution for professionals.

    You’ll have an impressive number of controls and connectivity options, such as room control to manage low-ends.

    There are also high cut, high trim, and low cut controls for you to play with, as well as XLR and TRS phone jacks.


    • Effectively reduces noise
    • Compact and great for travel
    • Easily wall-mountable
    • Phenomenal sound quality


    • Lacks EQ controls
    • Crafted from MDF

    3. Adam Audio A7X and Sub10 Studio Monitor Bundle

    Best Studio Monitors With Bass in 2022: Complete Reviews With Comparisons 3

    As one of the industry’s best-selling monitor bundles, the Adam Audio A7X and Sub10 set packs a powerful punch.

    You’ll fall in love with its custom amplification as well as its incredible sweet spot for everyday listening.


    With this bundle, you’ll have an assortment of impressive features that you’ll love having for enjoying your favorite tracks.

    Even as a professional, the Adam Audio A7X and Sub10 Studio Monitor bundle brings plenty to the table.

    • Folded Ribbon Tweeter

    A unique feature of this studio monitor bundle is that it’s designed with a folded ribbon tweeter influenced by the Air Motion Transfer concept.

    You’ll have a pleated diaphragm within the monitor, which works similarly to an eight-inch cone.

    As you listen to tracks, you’ll notice significantly improved sound reproduction with lower distortion.

    • Increased Acoustic Area

    With the integration of a folded ribbon tweeter, your monitors will have a larger internal diaphragm area.

    This feature ensures the transducer has a significantly more extensive dynamic range for a better soundscape.

    You’ll notice that the dynamic output is up to 2.5x larger than with other monitor bundles.

    • Advanced Driver Technology

    With the boosted drivers in this set, every song will feel cleaner, and you’ll begin appreciating the nuanced components of tracks.

    You are also bound to notice a heavier weight to mid-range frequencies as you listen to distortion-free tracks.

    Even at high-pressure levels, this monitor bundle will impress the most professional ears.

    • Bass Reflex Construction

    There’s no denying that the Adam Audio A7X and Sub10 bundle is designed for bass.

    It features slanted upper and lower corners that help to reduce comb filtering.

    Also, the bass of the tracks is perfectly reproduced with the large voice coil and mid-woofer.

    • Inputs and Customization

    With plenty of helpful controls, you’d be able to customize the songs to your liking.

    For instance, this monitor comes with an RCA input and an XLR input for easy connectivity.

    Also, listeners will have two shelf EQs, volume controls, volume level settings, and rear-panel controls.


    • Deep and punchy bass
    • Low-profile rear calibration
    • Very easy to tweak the lows
    • Transparent and accurate sound reproduction


    • The tweeter cannot rotate
    • HF shelf is too clean

    4. JBL Professional 308P MKII Next-Generation Studio Monitor

    Best Studio Monitors With Bass in 2022: Complete Reviews With Comparisons 4

    Like Yamaha, JBL is another household brand when it comes to music listening and production.

    With the JBL Professional 308P MKII Next-Generation Studio Monitor, you can enjoy music in a new, modern way.

    The straightforward design of these monitors takes them to the next level.


    Let’s explore some of the most notable advantages of adding the JBL Professional 308P MKII to your setup.

    • 3 Series Transducers

    The most notable feature of these monitors is that they boast 3 Series transducers, which have won several awards.

    Thanks to this, you’ll experience better lows and deeper bass when listening to your favorite songs.

    Another significant improvement is that the bass will feel more accurate and controlled.

    • Eight-Inch Woofer

    Another massive benefit to the bass of these monitors is the eight-inch woofer.

    Paired with the patented Slip Stream port from JBL, low-frequencies will be perfectly reproduced for all genres.

    As such, you’ll love using these monitors for classical, hip-hop, and your favorite dance music.

    • Custom-Designed Dynamic Range

    To truly appreciate the quality of music you’re listening to, it’s crucial to consider dynamic range.

    To address this requirement, the JBL Professional 308P MKII has custom-designed JBL transducers.

    The integrated class-D power amplifiers boast a total power of 112 watts, making them ideal for many projects.

    • Image Control Waveguide

    Another unique technology added to these monitors is the patented Image Control Waveguide.

    With this, you can put the monitors in any room and experience enhanced listening.

    Because they have a wide sweet spot, setting these monitors up in any room has never been simpler.

    • Boundary EQ Settings

    The Boundary EQ settings are among the new technologies integrated into these monitors.

    As such, the monitors are able to adapt to any environment, regardless of where you place them.

    You’ll notice that they automatically compensate for low-frequency variants produced by their surroundings.

    • Customizable Controls

    Like other monitors, the JBL Professional 308P MKII Next-Generation Studio Monitor comes with balanced XLR and TRS inputs.

    You’ll also have an input sensitivity switch between +4dBu/-10dBV as well as an adjustable volume slider.


    • Fantastic and balanced sound production
    • Clear and detailed bass
    • Incredible sound accuracy
    • Sharp and full lows


    • Not as loud as expected
    • Produces a faint hissing noise

    5. Mackie XR824 Professional Studio Monitor

    Best Studio Monitors With Bass in 2022: Complete Reviews With Comparisons 5

    If you’re in the market for a single monitor instead of a set of two, the Mackie XR824 is a great option.

    It’s packed with intuitive technology to bring your listening experience to a new level.

    Paired with an ELP Bass Reflex System, you’d be able to enjoy little to no turbulence.


    Let’s dive into some of the highlights of the Mackie XR824 Professional Studio Monitor.

    • ELP Bass Reflex System

    This monitor is engineered with the revolutionary ELP Bass Reflex System.

    It’s specifically designed to offer improved output for a better low-frequency response.

    Whether you’re listening to rap or EDM, you’ll experience zero turbulence with an excellent output capability.

    • Logarithmic Waveguide

    Sound balance is a feature that’s often overlooked by first-timers.

    If you add this monitor to your setup, you’ll experience better listening across the entire frequency spectrum.

    This is thanks to the logarithmic waveguide, which offers impressive acoustic alignment.

    • Accurate Bass Response

    The general design of this monitor sets it apart from the rest when it comes to enjoying the depth of bass.

    The woofer is made from Kevlar and responds incredibly quickly.

    Overall, it has one of the most impressive transient recoveries among the options.

    • Acoustic Space Filters

    It’s important to invest in monitors that can accommodate your work environment.

    For this, the Mackie XR824 Professional Studio Monitor has adaptable space filters.

    This component ensures a flat frequency response paired with three filters you can adjust easily. The filters include HF, LF, Acoustic Space.


    • Exceptional balance
    • Produces clean and authentic sound
    • Handles high volume without distortion
    • Fantastic for all genres


    • Poor longevity
    • Could have overheating concerns

    Which Is the Best Studio Monitor With Bass?

    The JBL Professional 308P MKII is our top choice for the best studio monitors with bass.

    Its sleek and stylish aesthetic looks phenomenal in any studio, and its sound reproduction is significantly better than most.

    With the depth and punchiness of the bass, it is an iconic choice for casual listeners and professional producers.

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