Best Cables for Studio Monitors of 2022: Complete Reviews With Comparisons

best cables for studio monitors

Whether you’re a pro audio engineer or just someone who enjoys editing music, your studio monitor should always be at optimum levels.

It is the only way for you to get accurate feedback and hear music in its truest and purest form.

A big part of this undertaking involves making sure you use the best cables for studio monitors.

Monitors may look like regular speakers, but they have different inputs for varying applications.

In addition, only certain types of cables allow you to connect your studio monitor to your audio interface.

If you’re in the market for a new cable but don’t know where to start, here are five models worth checking out.

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    Best Cables for Studio Monitors Reviews

    1. CableCreation TRS Cable

    Best Cables for Studio Monitors of 2022: Complete Reviews With Comparisons 1

    CableCreation is a global supplier of high-quality cords for power, data, control, instruments, and other applications.

    The TRS Cable is a high-tier offering from the brand’s wide range of auxiliary audio cable products.

    It is part of the Professional Series stereo plugs, compatible with studio monitors, mixers, and professional speakers.

    This cable comes in packs of two, so this set is an excellent option if you want value for your money.

    Product Highlights

    The CableCreation TRS Cable has many design elements that make it one of the best cables for studio monitors.

    • Gold-Plated Connectors

    Like other TRS cables, this CableCreation cable features connectors with three distinct points of contact.

    Compared to TS cables with only two contact points, TRS cables carry a more balanced signal and offer better audio quality.

    What makes CableCreation’s version of the TRS stand out is that its connectors are made of alloy aluminum shells coated with 24K gold.

    This combination of materials makes for a very reliable cable that ensures crisp sounds.

    As such, you can expect it to transmit stereo audio of the highest quality, which both professionals and audiophiles are looking for.

    • Double-Shielded Cable

    Two layers of highly durable materials cover the entire length of the cable.

    It creates a shield that reduces electrical noise, lowers the impact of signals, and lessens electromagnetic radiation.

    It is designed to protect both the equipment and the people around it.

    The inner coating consists of aluminum foil, which works well with the copper conductor when it comes to grounding the shield.

    The outer layer is made from a metal-braided shield, providing a low-resistance path to the ground.

    It is also strong and flexible, giving the cable impressive mechanical strength and durability.

    • Superior Conductivity

    Inside the double-shielded cable is a conductor made from pure copper, a non-precious metal that can stand up to a wider load of electrical power.

    In addition, it can withstand a lot of heat. These characteristics allow it to eliminate most overloading issues.

    • Flexible PVC Jacket

    A soft PVC jacket encloses the collection of conductors and shields inside the CableCreation TRS Cable.

    As you probably know already, PVC is tough and resistant to abrasion, giving the cable plenty of mechanical strength.

    On top of that, it is flexible and easy to handle so that the cable can bend at a smaller radius without damage.

    Because of this, storage and manual operation become much more manageable.

    The Good

    The combination of gold-plated aluminum alloy connectors and double-shielded cord create a TRS cable with superior quality and performance.

    Even better, we also like that it comes with a very reasonable price tag.

    The Bad

    At six feet, the cable may be a bit short for some.

    If you are using far-field studio monitors, usually placed 10 feet away or farther, you may need a longer cable.


    • Highly durable connectors
    • Double-shielded construction
    • Impressive flexibility
    • Affordable price
    • Withstands heat


    • Might be too short for far-field monitors

    2. Hosa TRS Balanced Cable

    Best Cables for Studio Monitors of 2022: Complete Reviews With Comparisons 2

    Hosa Technology, Inc. is a well-known name in the professional audio industry.

    In fact, it has been a leading supplier of analog and digital connectivity solutions since 1984.

    The Hosa TRS Balanced Cable is one of its more reasonably priced offerings.

    It is designed for budget-conscious customers who want the most value for their money.

    Product Highlights

    The Hosa TRS Cable is very affordable, but its low price tag is not an indication of its value.

    Even though it’s affordable, you’ll find that most of its features are notable.

    • Nickel-Plated Connectors

    The Hosa TRS Cable’s connectors are nickel-plated, ensuring cost-efficient protection from wear and tear.

    It can withstand a high amount of friction that comes with repetitive plugging and unplugging.

    The nickel plating also prevents rust formation due to moisture or high humidity.

    All these features enhance the durability of the plugs without interfering with the cable’s ability to transfer signals.

    • Oxygen-Free Copper Conductors

    Inside the cable is a copper conductor that HOSA refined in an electrically charged solution.

    This process, known as electrolytic refining, reduces the oxygen in the material to an exceptionally low level.

    As a result, it allows the cable to provide better clarity of sound.

    You will commonly find this feature in high-end audio and video systems, as well as custom cable setups.

    What makes electrolytic refining even more effective is that it also removes other impurities from the conducting material.

    The most notable is iron, which is known to cause resistance.

    • Spiral Shielding

    The Hosa TRS Cable has a single layer of a spiral shield that surrounds the entire length of the conductor.

    It is a more affordable alternative to braided shields and offers more flexibility.

    However, frequent twisting or bending will open up gaps in the shield, which could cause the cable to absorb interference.

    If you are going to choose this cable, avoid rolling it up or bending it as much as possible.

    • Multiple Functions

    This TRS cable is designed mainly to connect professional audio equipment with unbalanced phone jacks.

    In addition, you can use it as a stereo disconnect.

    The Good

    One thing that makes this TRS cable stand out from the rest is its price.

    Despite being affordable, it comes with many features that you will be surprised to see in a product with this price tag.

    The Bad

    This cable has only one layer of shielding, and it is the spiral type that is prone to develop gaps.

    Still, it will last for years and perform at a high level as long as you avoid bending and twisting it.


    • Great value for money
    • Uses oxygen-free conductor
    • Flexible spiral shield coating
    • Effectively produces clear sounds


    • Shielding can develop gaps if bent often

    3. LinkinPerk TRS Audio Cable

    Best Cables for Studio Monitors of 2022: Complete Reviews With Comparisons 3

    LinkinPerk specializes in Ethernet cables, fiber optic cables, data cables, audio cables, and other connectivity products.

    The TRS Audio Cable is one of the brand’s top-rated products despite being a mid-tier offering.

    It is part of their Professional Series stereo plugs designed to connect professional audio and DJ equipment.

    Product Highlights

    The LinkinPerk TRS Cable comes with many features that you often see in high-tier products.

    If you are looking to balance value with cost, this is an excellent option for you.

    • Gold-Plated Connectors

    This TRS cable comes with gold-plated connectors, which is surprising to see in a product in this price range.

    Gold is a noble metal and does not react readily with either chemicals or the environment.

    As such, the connector retains its conductivity as long as the plating provides a barrier against the surroundings.

    This design also offers optimum sound quality by reducing noise resistance.

    Plus, it is ideal for both digital and analog signals.

    • Oxygen-Free Copper Conductor

    Another feature you often see only in top brands is the oxygen-free copper conductor.

    It stands up well against temperature increases and is resistant to shorts.

    What’s more, it is less likely to corrode or oxidize because there are no oxygen particles.

    Overall, it is an impressively durable conductor that you can expect to perform well for many years if used properly.

    • Solid Construction

    The conductor inside this cable is very durable, and multiple layers of protection enclose it.

    First is the zinc alloy case, which acts as a defense against corrosion.

    In addition to that, two more layers of nylon braid guard the inner components of the cable against impacts.

    While it is always advisable to handle your audio equipment carefully, this cable can survive being tugged across sharp edges.

    The Good

    The great thing about this product is that it offers many features for a fair price.

    It has gold-plated connectors, an oxygen-free conductor, and multiple layers of shielding.

    You can experience all of these advantages and more without breaking the bank.

    The Bad

    The braiding on the cable might make it difficult to straighten out or roll up.


    • Gold-plated connectors
    • Durable, long-lasting build
    • Efficient conductor
    • Has protection against rust


    • Might be difficult to straighten or roll up

    4. LinkinPerk TRS Cable Splitter

    Best Cables for Studio Monitors of 2022: Complete Reviews With Comparisons 4

    Another offering from LinkinPerk, this studio monitor cable is slightly pricier than its counterparts.

    It comes with similar features, except for the Y-cable splitter at one end of the cord.

    As you can imagine, this slight variation opens up countless possibilities for its user.

    For instance, it allows interconnectivity with stereo systems, laptops, amplifiers, mixers, and other types of audio equipment.

    If you are looking for a cable with multiple uses, you should consider buying this LinkinPerk product.

    Product Highlights

    This is the second offering from LinkinPerk here, which means that the brand is doing something right.

    Similar to the other one, there are many reasons for you to buy this cable.

    • Gold-Plated Plugs

    At one end of the cable, you will find a 3.5mm jack connector. At the other end, you will see two 6.35mm plugs.

    All three of them are coated with 24K gold, ensuring optimum sound quality by minimizing signal loss.

    It also guarantees reliable performance by increasing the cable’s resistance against corrosion.

    • Oxygen-Free Copper

    The center conductor in this cable is made of oxygen-free copper, which provides a much better sound quality.

    The difference in performance from a traditional conductor might go unnoticed by a casual listener.

    However, it will not escape the discerning ears of a professional or even an audiophile.

    • No Interference

    Aside from using an oxygen-free conductor, LinkinPerk covered the surrounding with two layers of nylon braided shielding.

    It acts like dual-layer protection that provides dielectric insulation.

    The result is lower energy loss, eliminating the hum or static of RF and EM interferences.

    • Flexible and Durable

    This splitter cable features a nylon-braided jacket that makes it easy to route, place, and install in many applications.

    The double braiding offers a unique blend of durability and flexibility that eliminates the risk of entanglement.

    The Good

    One of the many features that set this splitter cable apart from the rest is its multifunctionality.

    You can use it to connect any device with a jack speaker output to one with 6.35mm jack input.

    The gold-plated connectors and oxygen-free conductors are also helpful.

    The Bad

    The Y connectors might be too close to each other, making them a bit tricky to use at the same time.


    • Offers multifunctionality
    • Durable connectors
    • Efficient conductor
    • Does not get tangled easily


    • Length of Y split might be short

    5. Tisino TRS Balanced Cable

    Best Cables for Studio Monitors of 2022: Complete Reviews With Comparisons 5

    Tisino manufactures various audio cable products, including guitar cables, audio adapters, XLR cables, and TRS cables.

    The TRS Balanced Cable is one of its mid-tier offerings, featuring male-to-male connectivity.

    It is perfect for professional audio and DJ equipment, including studio monitors, amplifiers, mixers, and electric guitars.

    Product Highlights

    For a high-quality yet reasonably priced studio monitor cable, this product is an ideal option for you.

    It comes with many valuable features, including the following:

    • Heavy-Duty Connectors

    This cable features heavy-duty connectors plated with gold and can stand up to wear and tear.

    It can resist corrosion and has a solid build, ensuring you’d be able to enjoy a high level of durability for longer periods.

    What makes it even better is that the same feature that makes it tougher also makes the signal clearer.

    The gold plating ensures minimal losses, resulting in high audio clarity.

    • Hi-Fidelity Sound

    There are many other design elements in this cable that make sound quality and clarity even better.

    For example, it has an oxygen-free copper conductor with multiple shielding made using premium materials.

    It reduces distortion and minimizes the return loss for maximum audio quality.

    • Durability and Performance

    The nylon braid makes a flexible but durable cover that lets you store the cable without the tangles and the hassles.

    It can tolerate over 15,000 bends in its life span, so you can use it without worries.

    • Multiple Applications

    As a balanced TRS cable with male-to-male connectors, you can use it to line out into various sound applications.

    This includes speakers, soundboard mixers, and studio monitors.

    The Good

    This audio cable has many of the features that you find in other more expensive brands.

    It is highly durable, and you can use it for multiple sound applications.

    The Bad

    Some customers complain that it did not work with their guitars or piano keyboards.


    • Great value for money
    • High durability
    • Multiple applications


    • Reports of incompatibility with some devices

    Buyer’s Guide

    Are you in the market for a new studio monitor cable? The good news is that there are many options available.

    If you put in the time and effort, you will surely find one that suits your unique needs and preferences.

    The key is knowing what features to look for to help narrow down your search.

    Cable Length

    One of the first things you need to consider is what cable length to get.

    More than anything, it will depend on the size of your studio and the layout of your equipment.

    If you are using far-field studio monitors, you might need cables around 25 feet in length.

    For near-field monitors, cables that are 10 feet long or shorter will do.

    Another thing to consider is that some people claim that shorter cables offer better sound quality.


    The next factor you need to look at is the input of your audio gear, which will determine what type of connectors you need.

    There are several options to choose from: the TRS to TRS, XLR to XLR, TRS to XLR, TS to TS, RCA to RCA, and RCA to XLR.

    Cables for Studio Monitors FAQs

    1. What are the three most common audio cable types?

    The three main types of audio cable connectors are XLR, TS/TRS, and RCA.

    TS and TRS are considered superior to RCA in all measures except size.

    On the other hand, XLR has a more solid build than TRS and is often sturdier.

    2. Are balanced cables better for studio monitors?

    Except for the price, balanced cables are generally better than unbalanced cables.

    They have lower impedance signals, a better ratio of signal to noise, and no external distortion.

    3. What cables do you need for a home studio?

    What cable type you need would depend on the input of your audio gear.

    However, if you have to choose, the XLR and TRS connectors are your best options.

    They are commonly used by commercial recording facilities but would also work well for home studios.

    4. Can I use guitar cables for studio monitors?

    Guitar cables are typically TS type, and they can connect studio monitors to other equipment.

    5. Is TRS better than XLR?

    XLR is sturdier, but TRS is better for running lines from studio monitors to audio gears.

    Which Is the Best Studio Monitor Cable?

    All of the cables we looked at have a high value-to-cost ratio, so you could pick any of them without regretting it.

    That said, we recommend the TRS cable from CableCreation the most.

    This option has gold-plated connectors, a pure copper conductor, and a double-shielded interior.

    At two pieces per pack, it can give you the most bang for your buck.

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