Here’s My Story

Max Jacobson

My name is Max Jacobson, and I believe that traditional studio recording is close to being dead.

That’s right. By traditional, I mean paying by the hour and going into a studio to record your instruments and vocals.

Thanks to the internet and tons of knowledge, you can make the necessary iso booths and acoustic environments to record your instruments and vocals, and there’s tons of paid-for and open-source software out there to mix them all together.

I bought different effects pedals, subwoofers, microphones and filters, and got into music production at my own pace.

I produced a few songs for some friends of mine that were home from college for a break, and it got me thinking.

I had everything I needed to record at home. My friends would use the equipment sometimes, sure, but I had a fully functional, professional-level studio in an unorthodox way.

I knew I wasn’t the only one trying to do this, and that led me to make Groovebox Studios.

I spent so much time with my best friends just jamming through high school, and watching my dad get continuously better at the piano and bass; I’ve been surrounded with music my entire life, so now it’s time for you to do the same, starting with the best quality equipment out there.

Here, I’ll go over comparisons between software, equipment, instruments, you name it; we’re going to get your home studio set up properly.