Groovebox Studios is an 8,000 square foot world-class photography and video production studio located in the Milwaukee Junction neighborhood in Detroit. Our core business is two hourly production studios that can accommodate clients ranging from portrait & fashion photography, commercial and music video production, large-scale product and automotive photography to large educational events. Also to the production studios, we have seven monthly editing suites available for lease to the creative professionals.  They will be using our space as well as a broad range of professional rental cameras, lenses, and related equipment. Lastly, our creative business will be complemented by a web-based photography and video retail store that will come online in early 2016 with products from over 25 vendors. 


Located in the center of Milwaukee Junction, we feature secured parking and an excellent location that borders MidTown, New Center and North End with quick access to freeways, major streets, and the M1 rail line.  Our facility and surrounding area already have a long pedigree of excellence as the one-time creative hub of the automotive industry. Groovebox Studios is one of many companies that are investing in Milwaukee Junction, making it Detroit's next great neighborhood in which to live, work and play. We're confident that Groovebox Studios will become the creative hub that draws Detroit's photographers, videographers, musicians and creative agencies together to take advantage of our resources to create world-class digital content and grow their businesses.

We plan to accomplish this goal by operating Groovebox Studios as a "Mesh" business model. Also to running a healthy studio and retail business, Groovebox Studios will use it's unique position and resources to provide opportunities for collisions and crossover between our tenants and clients. Example: There may be a photographer that has a real business shooting fashion portraits but needs help in creating digital content and video to grow. Groovebox Studios will act as the catalyst to introduce that photographer to our other clients and resources that fit's their needs to help each other grow. Our willingness to foster client crossover and cooperation will contribute to the growth and health of Detroit's creative industry and work to strengthen the pool of available customers for our unique service.